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The Seagull 
    The MET 

“LaPine’s Nina follows an arc from naïve aspirant seduced by the allure of fame to a broken woman on the brink of madness. LaPine negotiates the transition with a note-perfect performance.........When Attaway (Trigorin) is matched with the excellent Weaver or the luminous LaPine, the production achieves a high level of artistry.”
Robert Trussell
The Kansas City Star
For the full review Visit:  The KCStar
Time Stands Still
    The Unicorn Theatre 

“Mark Robbins and Ashlee LaPine shine as a May-December couple infecting both acts with casual comedic exchanges. LaPine’s transformation from guileless girl to nurturing companion is exceptional.”

Calli Parker
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“The actors are beautiful to watch....LaPine is note-perfect as Mandy, who is emotionally honest to a fault but matures before our eyes.”
Robert Trussell
The Kansas City Star
For the full review Visit:  The KCStar

“There are two things, however, that vault this show to one of my favorite productions in recent memory - the script, and the performances by the two female leads....The performances of Noack and LaPine, however, were absolutely stunning. LaPine's portrayal of the attractive and naive Mandy gives the character a full three dimensions. By acknowledging that she is less worldly than everybody else, Mandy claims a power that the other three characters cannot defend against. LaPine understands this and brings a subtle gravitas to what could have been a stereotypical bimbo role. She is pitch perfect, from her airy voice to the way she puts her fists on her hips as a sign of aggressive discomfort. “

Paul Donovan
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Girls Are Assholes
    My new web series “Girls Are Assholes”, by NOKAT Comedy, just premiered on youtube.  Check out Episode 2:  At The Bar
    The Premier for my film “Spymaster” was just set for Dec. 14th.  Check out the teaser.
Horror Filmed
    “Horror filmed” just had it’s first public screening this Halloween.  Check out the trailer.  Coming to a theatre near you.